Google Panda Algorithm

Panda is an algorithm that helps the hummingbird to sort the onpage elements of a web page. There are rather a lot of people who used to rely on spammy web pages and repeating a keyword, then ran aground and had trouble getting the ranking on keywords the competition is high.

The pages are spammy and piling keywords like these can still be found included in the ranking of 10 at the low competition keywords or keywords that are dominated by web pages that spammy.

Thus this sort of Panda security guard at the front door to make sure your web pages do not violate the rules of Google. Only web pages that meet the standards of this panda algorithm that could extend into the next vote on algorithms hummingbird. In other words, those who do not qualify assessment will not be included in the search results page and this is called the Penalty or punishment of Google Panda.

You will not be able to get out of the Google panda penalty until you solve the problems in your unplug.
Panda algorithm onpage play area to decide how trustworthy a web page. Panda algorithm determines several things, such as:

freshness page
Are there duplicate articles from your new capacity?
Is there a typing mistake?
Is there a unique and important information on this page?
Are the pages are spam, and keyword blocking?
5 of the above could affect the caliber of your pages in Google's Panda. Of course, there are many other genes such as your authority in writing, but in Indonesia it like this still includes rare.

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