It is important in your SEO efforts

There is no one concept patent in SEO strategies; definite deficiency in factor could be handled in other factors.
Only if you plan to build a website that is healthy in the long term, then there are three basic things you need to know from the outset. The three I will explain below ....

Content strategy and development

Content strategy recently referred by SEO practitioners as the "new SEO". At the time of the algorithms Google Panda and Penguin issued; many previously popular strategy became useless. Google's algorithms have already forced many SEO experts to rewrite your plan optimization, because the optimization ever before simply giving a penalty.

Merely do not assume this is only a content strategy to publish a new article quality. It also includes older articles that already exist on the web we need to insure it meets the standard onpage SEO from Google et al. Only you can learn it later. Straight off you should know that the sense of Content Strategies it.
The initial stage of this content strategy is to understand your MARKET. You have to cognize what your market wants; and you have to know what can you meet on your market demand. For that you have to determine what is called keyword research. Keyword research is one of the most overlooked by those who are just learning SEO and the end result is they frequently hunt for keywords is of no use.

Once you learn how to do keyword research and put together some good keywords, then the next step within the content of this strategy later you will read how to create articles or content that is not just like Google, but also like the reader and can make the reader to buy your product or read an article the other.
You should cognize that the website visitors longer, more and more because there are some among who've been going back to visit because they like your content and your services. Hence whenever you create content that satisfy and meet the necessary SEO factors for ranking.

Get backlinks
It is a set of strategies to acquire lots of links from other websites towards your website. Backlinks are the conditions that you will frequently hear and will often make your headache SEO novice actors. Why is this a headache for a bunch of people? Because getting backlinks is not comfortable.
Actually trouble getting backlinks was started by Google itself; because Google never gives an understanding that the out DoFollow link will deduct points from the pages of a web site. If it had been averred to be like that, then no one is willing to give a link out to anyone. Exactly who are willing to lose?

Later then Google released that websites that provide relevant outbound links will earn extra points for providing a relevant reference for their readers. Even outgoing links relevant factor is computed as the naturalness of websites that are not spammy. Only there are three factors to consider when giving out the link so that it is profitable SEO of our website.

1. Must towards websites that are relevant to our site
2. At that place should be a reciprocal link in the sense that there is a link you to the destination web page, because it would be considered as a link exchange
3. Do not be too many outgoing connections. 1 or 2 will do. If too much and not balanced with the length of your content, then the gain would not be impartial point to point that out.
These are matters that are still not understood many bloggers, so you would be so difficult to get links from websites that are relevant to you. Whereas provide relevant backlinks can actually add points to our website if done correctly. We could see overseas websites very easily provide DoFollow links to sites that are relevant to them; and indeed ultimately web sites have become a great website. Name it and always provide DoFollow links to their reference.

To find websites that are viewed as relevant to their website then you can googling using an operator
Example: Enter at Google related: https: // to find websites that are relevant to

Social media sites
Most SEO experts who did not realize what the effect of social media on SEO strategies. Actually social media is used to handle a relationship with those who come to your website through SEO. Then if you get traffic from SEO, then somehow you invite your website visitors to give like on your fan page.

And then later on when you have new posts or new products, you can invite them to come back and read the latest posts from you. Hence the longer the greater your traffic, because traffic not only from search engines, but also from visitors old, you care to do with you through social media. So too bad if you do blogging, but do not ask people to render like on your social media accounts.

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