When you learn SEO course that you are after is the traffic from search engines. The amount of traffic it depends on two things: the number of keywords that are controlled, and the potential traffic from each keyword.
And then there are two things you need to do is master the key words as much as possible, and making sure that you control the
keywords that have a large number of searches. But most people do a wrong manner to do this keyword research.

For example: If anyone doing keyword research and find keywords A search has 20,000 searches per month, then the keyword A is attempting to conquer. This is a tactic that would require too much time and energy with the result that long and not much.
Why did it all happen? Many are targeting keywords A short feeling A lot of search keywords. Whereas in actual fact do not like it. NOT MANY SHORT type keywords .... Most masses are looking for long keywords.

If it were searching for keywords short of it is not much, why a large bit of searches?
The number of large search for VALUE is shown from the aggregation of the number of searches for key words in length.
Then in doing keyword research there are 2 stages you should do
1. Finding Short keywords that take in many searches
2. Finding long tail keywords variant of earlier short keyword

At present let us start doing keyword research using the Google Keyword Planner
Please visit for details
After that did log in using your Google account or your GMAIL account
use planner google keyword to keyword research
1. Enter a keyword in column 1
2. Snap the second column and type in the target country and then click SAVE
3. Click the column 3 and select the language and click SAVE
4. Finally click GET IDEAS
You'll then be taken to the results page. On this page you will find out some great keyword ideas. Please click KEYWORD IDEAS and click Avg. Monthly Searches to sort the keywords that are searched ....

search results on Google Keyword Planner
If you are selling a used car, then you can understand that the potential is large enough key word; and you can target it. Only if you only sell new cars; keywords SELL CARS with 14,800 searches per month is more suitable options with your business.

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