How to Increase Alexa Rank Quickly

Alexa rank is absolutely no relation to SEO, so do not think that if you rank higher Alexa ranking also means becoming better in Google. That affects alexa rank is the number of visitors who use the Alexa toolbar on their browser.
If a visitor does not use the Alexa toolbar on their browser, then the same would not be a vote to increase the Alexa rank of your web log.

Possibly so many are confused as to what the point Alexa rank if it has nothing to do with SEO? Basically, people are looking Alexa rank but to sort of online reputation that they are quite crowded web. No more than that, really.
Normally the online sellers also rely on the reputation Alexa rank to show that they are reliable web. Not always gives voting came from a search engine such as Google. Some traffic from social media can also serve to streamline alexa rank while they are on the Alexa toolbar.

Do not be too confusing links in the existing Alexa widget, because it really is far from exact. All you have to make out now just to install the Alexa toolbar on your website to help you streamline your Alexa rank. If you manage a lot of your open web pages in a day, it is not at all difficult to enter into the range of 800 thousand to 600 thousand Alexa rank.

Only for 500 thousand to the top you obviously need actual visitors. Hence if you can move your blog visitors to wear Alexa rank then it will be very good. It is impossible to enter the ranks of under 100 thousand only with the Alexa toolbar in the browser itself.

How to Install the Alexa Toolbar
To streamline or improve Alexa rank you have to cognize how to install the Alexa toolbar on your Firefox browser, so here's how.
Please visit to register
Click the green button Install Alexa Toolbar
Click Accept You Install
If asked what you allow, please click Allow
Will be confirmed again to you whether you will install the Alexa Toolbar. If yes please click on the button to set up.

Once the initiation is complete you will diinfokan that the browser used must be restarted first
Restart; then you will finish the Alexa toolbar installed.

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