Is SEO Still Relevant?

You should know that as long as there is competition between a web site developer then SEO will never die. SEO is not to beat Google, but to beat another website and "gain the hearts" of Google. Hence SEO is always about capturing the hearts of Google, and this is what you learn when you learn SEO.

The trouble is the "heart" of Google's increasingly complex and increasingly resembles the way people vote. So in fact you have to find out how to prepare a website that is healthy, not just for a year or two years but for the long term. A website that is not touched on by the development of algorithms.

Designing a Website That Will Make
Before you create your site, then you should be aware that the website that had survived on the internet and into the coffers of money for the owner's web is a website that is planned carefully, made with the goal of helping everyone who visited the web page, and the web indeed is a pleasure or passion of the owner of the web itself.

There are so many I saw the owner of the website makes the web with the intention of blogging for money and in the end they did not witness the money at all. Precisely because they are creating websites in domination by their passion in that field which eventually saw the money from their website.
They are pure blogging for money always think to look for tricks what else can bring in easy money for them; but in the end the money was never comfortable. Moreover, the more complex algorithms; tricks that made last year can no longer be done at this time. Hence why not start to focus on building a website that really healthy?

If you desire to create a website that is healthy; then one thing you have to have is INTENTIONS. Intention what? Of course the intention to act. Bored until I visualize people who think can get rich instantly from the internet. Everywhere it if you want to be fat, yes mastering something. Be the best at it, and people will look for you by itself.

So what is your most favorite? Or what your commercial enterprise? Be made a website with an attitude of trust that the website will be one of your marketing tool in the future. Simply do not dream it would be in a month or two months, especially if you are in the market that competition is hard.
Thither are 3 things you should try before your website a great marketing tool for you.
a. Create a site that is SEO ready favored by Google
b. Diligent fill relevant content
c. Make your website popular in internet

That is if you want to generate traffic from search engines. Of course, there are other methods of bringing traffic from the internet, and one that is quite popular is social media marketing. Only this will be discussed in a different session.
At once you are trying to sort out what is involved in your favorite; or any product you want to market on the internet .... Cause you like sports? or photography? or music? or what? Prepare a list of what you like on paper. Afterwards that, try to choose which one is your favorite of all.

If you are selling a product, and so you should choose a product which one you like and you are sure will bring huge profits for you. I highly urge you to build a website that focuses on one product first. Because if you sell products, then you will get to the website does not focus on a particular keyword, and that means you have to work harder to remove all of these products ....

This is the first example that I found on SEO that a wider range of niche I want to master, then the difficulty SEO becomes many times .... It is much easier to buy 10 different domain names and each domain sell a particular product; rather than buying a domain name and tried to sell 10 different merchandise that are totally unrelated in a single domain name.

And then how many topics you want to make a website? How many sorts of products you want to sell? Thus much of this is websites you need to make. If you desire to sell everything under one domain name into your brand, then you need to be "very diligent" to update; so that each product category has a lot of stuff in it. Get your website to be like amazon.

Unable? If you feel unable to do updates that much, it will be a lot easier for you if you build any product in the respective domain names.
And all websites that are optimized together; Where do you believe will be the champion? Taking up the same rate of article updates, the website focusing on a specific brand would be much easier to run than trying to lift a lot of brands at once.

Defining the Domain Name
Many say that the domain name contains the keywords it is life-threatening. So, when they learned they were trying to avoid SEO keywords. But the fact is that websites that appear in Google for keywords that commercial is a website that uses keywords in their domain names. Then actually it does not matter if you want to use keywords in your domain name, as long as you can guarantee that the domain name that is relevant to the content.

To choose a domain name; you can belong to the website domain name seller, and type the domain name that you want to see if the domain name is available to you or not (already owned by someone else).
Who are the traffickers of the domain name? Please googling with keywords BUY CHEAP DOMAIN .... Or you can try to purchase the domain name providers like Rumahweb.
Why should I have a domain name? Exercises using a free domain and its subdomains are not enough? In reality, it may be sufficient if you choose keywords that are not too hard competition. But if the competition is the key word has entered into intense competition; then the sphere of free blog, is usually difficult to compete.

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