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Many ways latest seo optimization at 2016 times that you should know, almost all the tricks seo changed this year, a flashback in the search results in the past three months, a lot of very big change in the latest google algorithm. For there is one matter that must be updated for optimization SEO 2016 this time. Why? Because if it is too long to adapt to sea 2016 then we will not
produce any results. At least here I call for some new ideas that I've ever done with the analysis of several trials SEO tricks. In this example I draw some conclusions that might create a new sheet when you set out to do SEO optimization. Here are the dots that we can do that easily fit in your website page 1 of the search engines, especially GoogleFor search engines other than Google may not be any significant change, simply talking about google of course we already knew that the giant search engine has multiple algorithms that we must know in order to avoid sanctions / penalties.

The first content is king, in this case, let's think smarter, more about the content that you have created for this, quality content to seed a few keywords in each post they make an impact very remarkable SEO, SEO trick is not origins random, but of some researchers about the development of SEO, google always give a ranking on the website that always delivering quality content. These changes also delivered by one of the developers Yoast seo best seo plugin for wordpress. Yoast plugin recommend articles to create naturally with the stocking of natural keywords, which previously keyword density of this plugin recommended to repeat the keywords a maximum of 3.5% to the current 2.5%. This is clear evidence that the trick seo 2016 has changed.
How this latest SEO optimization is qualified with foresight, as in the quote google themselves on a TV that had circulated on YouTube, clearly says:
This quotation is very clear and we can understand, that if you want to have a lot of visitors the best way to see 2016 this time is Quality content, because google search engine business it is certainly not to be exceeded by other search engines. Therefore, if you are currently still using the service copy and paste content or articles that contain keyword stuffing please stop because it will interrupt your current SEO optimization.EMAIN PRIORITY ARTICLES NATURAL
Realism is one of the keys that you must depankan, because they do not like if a content only served continuously for robots instead of humans. It It is already evident outcome, but with natural articles with keywords that do not focus a lot of repeating it will get the best SEO 2016 It has become apparent that the results are real you can feelWriting articles that natural is not only written to the arrangement improper, maybe you've been applying the services of writers on the internet, from some people even use the service updates directly to their website.. Real is the writing that has a groove right but in terms of structuring seo keywords often imprecise. It's one of the things that will  your seo optimization. For that consider more in this instance.

The purpose of the internal links is very supportive to improve search results. We may already know about link juice. The use of link juice or internal linking is very good for the development of the website. Equally in the statement as saying that some practitioner Those are some things that we must know the latest 2016 terkain SEO trick this time, so do not ever to leave these tricks of traditional SEO, SEO optimization because the old path is still having a positive value of a search engine.

You probably already recognize that a good website is a website where users will linger on your website, this is one way so optimization, you must do, whether it's a search engine google or another, always concerned about bounce A bounce rate of the website that will not open the next page the higher it will cook it a bad website. Even if every day the website visit thousands of users but if this rate is quite high bouce will facilitate your competitors to beat your current web position. It's one of the things that should actually be taken into account It has not been a lot sepekulasi about how to beat base rate at this time, but that does not mean there is no answer, as many say of their master so said that to solve the problem bounce rate roles related post, widget recent post, popular posts, easy navigation and internal links can make the numbers bounce thinning rate.e. The intent of some of these points is to enable visitors to go to another page.This is a trick so you must recognAnd the most important is to make visitors always comfortable with your composition. To that provides readable information as well as provide long duration videos that users like to linger on your website. This one so strategies and tricks that you can perform. do.

Every article you write make it a habit to move over the heading tag on the article, this step is not to give a definite course on each post to be easily grouped by search engines, heading tag function is very necessary for onpage SEO optimizatiHeading the most popular diguanakan usually H2 and H3 due to H1 can only be utilized in one post one time, if too much it will get penalty from search engines.nSo, always take note of this as a trick so, 2016.

To make a website ototitas role of social media and social Boomark still considered important, it is to give a signal to the robot crawling that there is a new website with new postings. IIn addition to using social media and social bookmarking will be easier to create a website to be famous and fast in the search engine index.It'sIt's one of the things that do not need you to rest when doing SEO optimization. what about the backlinks? In some ways, the above scheme is one way to create backlinks, but in this case the advantage of social bookmarking, social machine and naturally, never to send articles that much, because it could be the way you are way spam. How reasonable is not always send a repetitive articles will build your website google hit penalty. For backing other ways, such as commenting or utilize dummy blog is still acceptable, but the requirement is not excessive in the optimization so like this..

From some of the dots above, I conclude that the position of the latest SEO optimization trick now is to optimize the onpage SEO. BeBecause no issue what the quality of a good SEO onpage be more easily outperformed large sites.o if you want a trick seo 2016 to work optimally, use proper onpage seo optimization, so the website that you currently manage will easily get a page one search, seo 2016 that some of the tricks I was doing up to this point and work well.

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