What the algorithm Google Hummingbird

The algorithm Google and other search engines made for a simple reason, namely seekers want the most relevant results to their questions from the trillions of web pages that is circulating on the Internet. Then the Google algorithm designed to achieve three things:
1. Get rid of irrelevant pages

2. Collect the relevant page
3. Develop relevant pages to discover the most relevant

Because there is no single element is sufficient to get three of the above, then the search engines use algorithms calculate so many hundreds of factors. The pattern of the algorithm is never published; but through a lot of trial participants concluded SEO out there are some common factors, such as:
Quality link: Number, anchor used on incoming connections
On page factors: Title tags, page load speed Desai, page structure, and so on
Parameters Brand: How t of the business, and how often the brand cited in cyberspace
Content: The quality of the update, the number of sojourns and the number of shares in social media

One thing you should know when you are just learning SEO is these agents are dynamic and can change at any time. Thus, there is a group of people called SEO experts, i.e. people who spend time to observe the changes in the search engines.
The most important changes in the Google algorithm for the concluding 4 years there in 3 main algorithms; that is

Hummingbird, penguin and panda, and in this article you will find out about Google's algorithm.

The hummingbird is the main algorithm of google made by adding a factor of importance of the use of mobile devices in the lookup. With the inclusion of the hummingbird responsive design factor becomes very important at present than ever before. Thus now it is very important to ensure we are responsive web pages for all screen sizes gadgets.
In addition to invoking the importance of web pages mobile friendly, hummingbird algorithm also introduces the concept of contextual search. So Google now not only display search results based on the keywords that we enter, but will likewise look at which keywords a very strong relationship with the keywords you enter.

So now people have been capable to ask orally in the smartphone and Google is trying to understand the context of the question. It could be doing a question enters the keyword "photography tips, " and Google are too looking for keyword search results in photography, photographers, camera, etc. So it is very important to make your articles full of synonyms or other words that are often quoted on the subject, so you also get a chance in the contextual search.

The epoch in which repeat your keywords with excessively rigid and is past. Not only did not benefit from the SEO side, but also causes the reader very uncomfortable reading our paper.
And then this is the determinant algorithm ranking of your web pages in the search results. All the same, before you arrive at the web page "assessment table" hummingbird, all the web pages it must pass the sniff Panda and Penguin algorithms.

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